March 4, 2008

  • I’m back…

    Hey there. Fred here. I’m back.

    I like that this is my first blog and I thought it would be nice to keep it going. So many inspirational comments and posts made this a wonderful place to evolve. I need it back in my life agin. I hope you feel the same.

    Right now I am still in Louisiana directing my second feature film for Dimension. It is almost over. Four days to be exact. Now the post fun (editing, scoring, etc) begins back in Los Angeles. Here we go…

    Looking forward to connecting with all of you again. Family is forever.


    Fred Durst

November 11, 2004

  • well people, hackers, gotta love them and gotta despise them. it’s the territory where we are all put in a position to be victims. kind of fun and dangerous at the same time. so don’t be so gullible. i wouldn’t open any chat anywhere else or i wouldn’t send you email blasts about anything. i never have and won’t start now. those things should come up as red flags to you. hacking isn’t hard and making yourself seem believable to thousands of people through text is nothing genius to figure out. let’s move on. we’ll see if they guess the new password. gonna take some time doing their homework on this one, but consider it done. so until then lets continue to express ourselves and share as we have in our american alien world here. when they get the new password we will congratulate them again. i just wish they would concentrate on hacking the banks around the world and put millions of dollars in all of our accounts. that sounds like more of a pay off. cheap thrills mean everything to some people who just can’t get it up. peace.


September 30, 2004

  • !! comment posting !!

    whoever wrote this comment posted below has a very clear understanding of many things i believe.


    “consistency of one’s integrity is key, all else can evolve and change for good or ill but integrity implies a geniune state of moral soundness.  you can do nothing wrong to impede a relationship of love if it is your barometer.  not all love is lasting though.  the universe knows best.

    Posted 9/30/2004 at 1:43 PM by To_Serve_Man”

  • if i were to fall in love with a new soul today it would be something i have never experienced before. the feelings i get that fall in the category of what i am calling “love” seem to constantly evolve as i gain new perspectives along this journey of my individual life. what was once love to me has been erased by what is now love for me, but somehow they have remained constant in tone and surely have the ability, at any point in my life so far, to make me powerless. the spirit inside of me is a predator of energy and balance. even if the new chemistry mirrored exactly a situation or love i’ve felt before it would still be different. that just boggles my mind sometimes. it is very easy to digest that fact, but it is also very easy to realize that the chances of actually finding, connecting, bonding, and mutually devoting yourself to another spirit that was absolutely the one for you are against all odds. BUT it does happen because i see and feel it all around me in every moment i have open the doors to let it in. i can sense things so clearly at times and i have been around those who have absolutely found or been found by their soul mate. the hope is, without a shadow of a doubt, there and will always be. this assures me all is well regardless of my minds own interpretation of exactly where i am at in this particular genre of love and life. i know, i know, i’ll stop.

    when things that are living are in fact dying they change colors, but the things that are already dead will always remain the same.


September 22, 2004

  • do you get it? do you really get it? some people were just born to get it and others just weren’t. the ones that weren’t have no idea what i just said and the ones that do understand completely. and so goes life in my mind.

    if you had to, what three words would you use to best describe your outlook on the presidential candidates for the united states?

    please stay tuned

September 11, 2004

  • below is one of the comments posted today and it really stuck.

    “To the anniversary of hell on earth.”

    Posted 9/11/2004 at 4:26 PM by AssAssAssain29

    this is so accurate to me. powerful words assassassain29